BeFunky Collage 16I discovered my passion for travelling when I was an Au Pair. I was in the USA for one year and just loved it. I ended up traveling as much as I could. At the end of the one year, I went from Coast to Coast, from California to Florida… 4 Weeks in a Van.
I grew up in Nuremberg in Germany and wI discovered the traveller inside of me, when I was about 18 years old. That was when I decided to go oversee did not travel much, when I was a child, not enough money for it, not to far, because my Dad did not like it so much.

When I fell in love with it, I just didn’t want to stop. So I found ways to do combine work and travel really quick.
While I was studying Electrical Engineering in Hamburg, I spent all my Summer- and Winterbreaks to work at different places in Europe as a Youth Travel Agent. In Summer also a a Bach Football Coach and in the Winter also as a Snowboard Instruktor.
Part of my studies was to do a practical training and I went on a working Holliday Visa to Australia to do that. So I spent one year in Australia and New Zealand.
When I finished my degree, I wanted to leave Germany for ever, or at least for a loooong time. I flew to Australia, but this time I was not successful and three month later, after not finding a job, I went back to Germany and started working as an engineer.
A few years ago I really got, that I want to be location-indipendent for good and working in a job is not for me. So I started building my location-indipendet business, doing seminars, coaching and telemarketing. At the moment Guido and I are mainly living in Lübeck, close to the baltic sea in Germany.
My biggest dream right now is to travel with Guido around the world in a Camper Van and do events all over the place. Bringing People together is something I love. That also why i created my Podcast and this Website, to connect people who share the same desire: To do what they love and work from anywhere.